Thursday, August 7, 2008

1st time...

Helloooo Friends and Family,

So I am giving this a try..and determined to join the blogging world. We have been so lucky to have so many family and friends to try and keep up with, I thought this may make it a bit easier! So if you have one, please send it to us!

So we have hit the 5 1/2 yr mark of being married..and....we have arrived! So many things to say about it, so many things to say we have learned, so many things we thought we knew, and SO much more to be learned. But more than anything...the word that describes our journey, is commitment! We have it!

Fast forward 5 years now, and we are. No kids, Trev is graduated, and has a job he LOVES. I work from home, as a wellness coach, and that is about it. Over this last summer we have been traveling like crazy. With Trevs job, he is somewhat on the school schedule, so summers are busy! We have been to Yellowstone, CAMPING everywhere, and camping some more, Vegas, and boating everywhere...I wake boarded for the 1st time, and got up my 1st time, now I LOVE it! We find ourselves over the last month on the boat with friends every chance we get!

Also this summer we have ran into so many of you guys, and we keep saying to eachother, we are so lucky! We love who surrounds us! So keep in touch...any way you can! We are grateful for you and love you!

Our house is up for sale, whos isnt, right? We haven't been to aggressive about it, but we will see. We would like to move up to draper or somewhere up there..but we love where we are and what we have. I will update with more photos later, I am heading for Powell tomorrow.....1st time in 7 yrs! I am excited!

ps...few more days till my bday! You all know I love Birthdays! :)